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September, 2003 --- Vol. 19.3

“I will praise the LORD at all times.
I will constantly speak his praises.
I will boast only in the LORD;
Come, let us tell of the LORD'S greatness;
let us exalt his name together. "
Ps 34:1-3

Margos Quechua New Testament Dedication

An eight hour drive from Lima brought us high into the Andes Mountains to the city of Huánuco. From there it was another 2 hours to arrive at the village town square. We climbed out of the bus, glad to stretch our legs. But at 11,500 feet in elevation my head was spinning and my legs felt like lead.

The morning air was cool and dry promising ideal weather for the New Testament celebrations. The parade had already started off. Rather than follow the throng through the village streets I stayed in the plaza and waited for the returning celebrators.

In a few minutes I could see them coming up the long hill, band instruments glittering in the morning sun, the strains of hymns floating up the narrow street.

Over a thousand Margos Quechuas filled the plaza while the town officials and church leaders made speeches. Mark and Patti Bean, the Wycliffe Bible translators, were beaming with joy for the fulfilled vision, bringing God’s Word to the Margos Quechua. Mark rejoiced in flowing Quechua, the joy that God’s Word brings, but also the responsibility to learn, to grow and to share it with others.

The town Mayor declared that day, September 14th, to be Quechua Day, celebrated from now on as the day the Margos Quechua received their New Testament, the day that God spoke their language.

After the speeches were made we enjoyed a pachamunca, a pork and potatoe roast where the meat and potatoes are buried in a pit, along with hot coals.

The scene embossed in my memory reminded me of Jesus feeding the 5,000. As I left the pachamunca, the throng of Quechuas were seated on the grass in rows eating their celebration feast. And tucked under many arms was their treasured New Testament.

That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what makes it worth being a part of the Bible translation team. Thanks for your part in making it happen.

More photos?

On the home front

“Just try and count your many blessings!” Sally and I were reviewing how blessed we feel, how many good things we have received from God’s hand since we came to Peru 3 months ago.



Within a few days of arriving in Lima we had found a house to rent about a mile from the office. Four bedrooms with an office and a garage. It comes complete with a security electric fence atop a high brick wall. Even a back yard!


We are enjoying being able to walk to the church we attend. The pastor’s kids are Laura’s and Jonathan’s ages. When Laura and Jonathan finish their home schooling for the day they are often out the door hanging out with their new friends.


After finding a house, we traveled to our previous base at the Yarinacocha Center and packed up our stored household goods to ship to Lima. In amazing time the truck arrived in Lima and we were unpacking and setting up our new home.


Some friends who were going on furlough gave us lots of furniture and office equipment to use until they return. We even have their dog, a beautiful golden retriever.


Goodbye Yarinacocha — hello Lima. Winter in Lima means cool temperatures and cloudy skies until October or November. It will take a lot of grace to enjoy this as “home.” Please pray...



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