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Our New House in Lima

Our new house in Lima comes with a high wall and an electric fence on top. We are thankful for a place to park our car behind a wall for security.

The house is squeezed in between the walls of our neighbors to either side.

The back yard has enough grass to require a bit of cutting now and then. But the back porch will make a fine place to have a barbeque when the temperature is warm.

The extra bedroom opens onto a balcony. I can tell this will be Laura's favorite place for sun tanning.

The living room has glass doors to the patio making it bright and cheerful.

The dinning room is seperated from the living room by a fireplace. I doubt it actually works. Besides, we have no wood to burn.

The kitchen has lots of cupboard space, quite unusual for Peruvian houses

The office at the front of the house is perfect for our home school

The stairway off the livingroom leads to the second floor bedrooms.

The bedrooms are big enough to have bunkbeds. We use them a lot for housing for our Wycliffe friends who come through Lima on their way to other places in Peru.

The back bedroom doubles as a TV room

The main bathroom is dark, all tiled in black