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Margos New Testament Dedication Photos

Margos is a small town at 11,500 feet elivation high in the Andean Mountains in Central Peru.

On the way from Lima we passed this statue, symbolic of the heralding of the coming of the Margos Scripture.

To get to Margos we travelled over high mountain passes.

We climbed up dizzying hair-pin turns.

I can't imagin what it must have been like during the rain storm a few days earlier. The dirt roads turn into giant water slides.

The celebration started off with a big parade, complete with a marching band.

The represented churches each prepared their banners for the parade.

Over a thousand Margos Quechuas filled the town plaza

Many Quechuas came from the sourounding villages. Most came on foot

Many brought their Quechua song books

Some brought their siblings on their backs

Many Quechuas hugged their treasures

Even town officials were excited to open their copy.

Special music highlighted the words of praise given during the speeches.

It was hard to get people's attention when they were busy reading their New Testaments.

After the celebration in the town square a special feast was served. Lots of soup and roasted pork.

The crowd sat on the grass to enjoy the meal together. It reminded me of when Jesus fed the 5,000.

I took a moment to talk with Mark Bean, the Wycliffe translator who organized the translation team.

God's Word for the Margos Quechua...satisfying for the soul!.