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Senior High Retreat

The retreat started with a bus ride

After an hour they were going crazy.

These two forgot to brush!

Cabin mates.

Escaping to the beach..

Human Pyramid.

The obstacle course

Keeping the team member dry while crossing the pool.

The deadly sands.
Get a team member across the sand without him touching the sand.

Food was a definite highlight.

Volley-balloon, like volleyball but with water balloons and a sheet.

The great cheezehead contest, to see which team can stick the most cheezetos onto their target head covered with shaving cream.

Leaning closer for that extra edge.

A safe place to try out new hair styles.

The great ballon giveaway.

Having fun hanging out.

Score-keeper having trouble adding without a calculator.

Biblical theme sand sculptures.

The hike to the "bump".

The team at the bottom.

Laura jogs to the top. Show-off!

The team at the top. Lost a few.

Awesome view.

Chris and Jenn Houston were our devotional speakers.

Chris led us in worship.

We had fun playing together.

Praising together.

Praying together.

It was a great success, encouraging each other in faith and fun.