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March, 2008 --- Vol. 24.1


Chachi New Testament goes to press in Quito, Ecuador

"It is pleasant to see dreams come true.”
Proverbs 13:19

Our Future...


• Aug 24-26, 07 US Naturalization interview –Charleston, SC.
• Aug 27-30, 07 Publishing support –Bogota, Colombia.
• Sept 1-3, 07 Publishing support–Quito, Ecuador.
• Oct 23, 07 Isaiah’s birth –Sally goes to Lancaster, SC for 3 weeks.
• Nov 12-17, 07 Partnership Conference –Panama.
• Dec 28, 07 Laura leaves Peru for Moody Bible Institute.
• Jan 20-26, 08 Branch Conference –Chosica, Peru.
• Jan 28-Feb 1, 08 Area Meetings –Dallas, Tx.
• Feb 4-8, 08 Senior High retreat –Bujama, Peru.
• Feb 18-21, 08 Archive workshop –Pucallpa, Peru.
• March 6-14, 08 Laura visits Peru during Spring Break.
• April 7-18, 08 Loris and Mo bring Isaiah to Peru to visit and so I can meet my grandson for the first time.
• May 31, 08 Leave Peru permanently.
• June-July 08 Visit supporting churches and friends.
• Aug 08 Begin home assignment -Akron, OH.

So much has been happening from international meetings to earthquakes, it is hard to know what to include. Our members voted to turn in the Peru Branch charter at the end of September 2008. This means that we will no longer have an independent SIL Branch in Peru but will become part of the larger Americas Area structure. This is an indication of nearing the completion of our translation goals for Peru. That also indicates that the need for my expertise in publishing in Peru has diminished and we will not be returning to Peru after our year of home assignment.

We are preparing to leave Peru permanently in May. We have begun the process of packing and taking our life apart, taking pictures off walls and putting our precious memories in suitcases. Saying goodbye to friends who have become family is the hardest part. But we look forward with excitement to the next year as we plan to be serving in the Akron area, both with an ongoing role as publications coordinator for the Americas with Wycliffe and in ministry with The Chapel, a dear and faithful supporting church.

Thanks for upholding us in prayer.

On the home front

Isaiah Edward Criminger –my grandson
Sally arrived in time to attend Loris’ delivery of Isaiah Edward on October 23. Shortly afterward Loris noticed a small mark on his back that indicated a potential spinal problem. An MRI confirmed the problem and surgery was scheduled. On Feb 18 a neurosurgeon entered his spinal column to remove the cyst and found other “debris” which he cleaned out. A few days later Isaiah was released and now we are praying for a full and clean recovery and a healthy development throughout his life.

After a long process over 7 years, a lost green card, a denied application, finger printing that was deemed “expired”, and many trips back and forth to immigration offices in two states and two countries, I finally received my naturalization. In fact it has taken so long you can hardly recognize me in the photo sent with the application. I was amazed at how easy the process was to enter the US when I flashed my new US passport. Praise God. Now the many trips back and forth to the US will be so much easier.

Laura goes to Moody Bible Institute
Laura advanced tremendously in her Spanish language ability while in Peru for a few months. She started classes at Moody in January and is learning to deal with snow and class assignments and a broken down car. She is majoring in Urban Ministries.

Jonathan applies to Lee University
Jonathan visited Lee University in Tennessee and decided that he would apply for their music program, majoring in guitar. At his audition he did extremely well and was very encouraged by the panel of judges. He continues to lead worship at church and with his youth group. Now he is filling out applications to begin studies at Lee University in August.

Getting used to being Grandparents -Fun!


Worldwide Bible Translation

  • World population: 6.5 billion
  • Languages spoken in the world: 6,912
  • Languages with probable need of Bible translation: 2,251 representing 193 million people
  • Languages with some or all of the Bible: 2,426. Of these, 429 have an adequate Bible; 1,144 have an adequate New Testament; 853 have Scripture portions
  • Language programs in progress worldwide: 1,953 (Wycliffe is involved in 1,415, repre-senting 73% of all projects, reaching an esti-mated population of over 568 million people)
  • Countries in which Wycliffe personnel are working: 93
  • Translation: 721 New Testaments and Bibles representing over 80 million people
  • Production: In 2007, 2 Bibles; 9 New Testa-ments; 6 Jesus videos; 6 Luke videos and 5 Genesis videos
  • Wycliffe supported personnel: 6,453 work-ers. Plus thousands of additional partners at the local, national, regional and international levels
  • Personnel needed: Over 3,000 needs for lin-guist/translators, literacy specialists, train-ers, project managers, computer specialists, administrators and other roles
  • Organizations that are a part of Wycliffe International: 48 member organizations, 29 recognized partner organizations.
  • Languages needing Bible translation work to begin - 2,251


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