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December, 2005 --- Vol. 21.3

“What is this you are doing?” they asked…
I answered them by saying,
“The God of heaven will give us success.”
Neh 2:19

Urarina New Testament arrives

Early Wednesday morning a truck pulled up and with no fanfare, whatsoever, nine rather large non-descript brown cardboard boxes were unloaded and stacked against one wall. I was told, “Someone dropped off some stuff for you.“ The “stuff” turned out to be a priceless treasure—God’s Word in Caquinte.

Wycliffe Bible translators, Ken and Joy Swift have been living and working with the Caquinte people of Peru for over 27 years. You can imagine Ken’s excitement unwrapping that book and lifting the cover for the first time! Ken and Joy have dedicated their whole career to this book. Ken’s first reaction was to share it with those around.

We celebrated the event with a prayer of dedication, asking God to
• bless his Word in Caquinte,
• to enable those who would bring the book to the Caquinte villages
• to empower those who would preach the Word, teaching these people how to worship and fellowship with their creator.

In Tsoroja and Quitepampani, two of the three main communities, the people have enjoyed good spiritual and educational leadership. The majority of the Caquintes in both villages are believers. Ever since the founding of the first village, the Christians have met daily, a practice that is especially important for the spiritual growth of those who cannot read.

Generosity and visiting one another are strong values in the culture. The workday usually ends at 3 p.m. so they have time to visit their neighbors before dark. Now God has generously visited the Caquinte.

Thanks for your partnership with Ken and Joy and with us as we work to bring God’s Word to the people of Peru.

Technologically Challenged

Dick Montag, translator for the Kashinawa people of Peru, came to Jaime, our media tech. “Jaime,” he said, “I have these Bible stories in film strips. Would it be possible to convert them into DVD?”
Jaime always says, “Yes, anything is possible.”
What Jaime soon discovered is that we have no film strip projector. Jaime tried using a flatbed scanner. But the result was of poor quality and the process very tedious.

As Jaime was holding the strip up to a light, thinking and praying about how to do it, inspiration hit him! Within a few minutes he rigged up a stand for the film, a light bulb in the back and his camcorder. The excellent quality image went directly to the computer behind him for digital editing and dubbing in the audio track.

We praise the Lord for technology and the creativity that brings the Message to the Kashinawas.

On the home front

Sally has joined several women from the church in a prison ministry. They lead a Bible study and time of worship each Thursday afternoon. Sally is able to bring her guitar into the prison and leads the singing and praise time. Sometimes the guards require a tedious paperwork process before they let the guitar in. At other times they just wave it through. Sally has been able to print out portions of Scripture in Thai and Czech for a couple of the women who do not speak English or Spanish very well. A large part of the ministry is to listen to, counsel and encourage the women, many with families in countries far away.

After diligent study, Laura rewrote the SAT exam to see if she could boost her grade. She made a significant increase and has earned over $3,000 in college scholarship for next Fall. She is enrolled at Harding University in Arkansas in the Interior Design program. In the mean time she is studying textbooks for background to her courses in art and design. She still has lots of time for costume parties and hanging with her friends.

With the resignation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Union Church of Lima, I was asked to fill this position. My first test has come in facilitating an energetic discussion between the Board of Directors and several who are dissatisfied with various changes such as in the worship format with the inclusion of 3 praise songs in the service. I am praying for wisdom and energy to meet these challenges along with many other responsibilities as a member of Wycliffe and other involvements at the Union Church.
In the next couple months our calendar is getting very full.
• December 14-18: Bill’s trip to the US for an interview with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, a major step to receiving US citizenship.
• December 25: Christmas—hopefully Bill will not be stuck in the US.
• January 8-14: Leadership training workshop in Tyler, Texas (Bill and Sally)
• January 15-21: Peru Branch Conference in Lima.
• February 6-10: Senior High Youth Retreat—south of Lima about an hour.
Thanks for standing with us in Bible Translation in Peru.

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