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Hi. I’m Bill—the long winded one. If you really want the long version of how I got into Wycliffe and our work in Peru click here.

Our ministry with Wycliffe is in the support role of information technology. In other words, computers, printing, and publishing.

I started ministering in Peru as a Bible translator but soon moved to managing the print shop and operating a printing press. At the same time we transitioned to desk top publishing on computer. My role now as Publications Coordinator for the Americas Area places me in a managerial position of all aspect of publishing for our work in Peru, and throughout the Americas from Alaska to Argentina.

  • Desktop Publishing on computer: specifically books, booklets, etc. These include New Testaments, Scripture portions, dictionaries, literacy books, primers, folk stories, linguistic research, health and community development books.
  • Computer training: Desktop Publishing software for missionaries and national colleagues.
  • Web site development.
  • Printing: specifically overseeing the process of getting our publications printed by local print shops in the Americas.
  • Archiving: managing the electronic files of our Scriptures and other books so they can be re-purposed for the web, iPhones, and other technologies.