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 Our Mission...?  To seek out new languages, new cultures.
To boldly translate the Bible where no translation has gone before!

Maybe that sounds a bit retro. But in a nut-shell it describes our objectives, to see Scripture translated in every language group that needs it in Peru.

The Translation Need

Our best survey research lists 99 people groups for Peru. During the last century some have become extinct or are in the process of losing their linguistic and cultural identity by assimilating into the larger Spanish culture or into another people group.

However, many people groups in Peru still cling to their heritage and take pride in their language and culture living up to the claim implied in their own name, “We are the real people,” as is the case with the Cashinahuas of eastern Peru, who call them-selves Juni kuin ‘real people’. The Cashinahuas received their New Testament in 1981. Many other language groups are still waiting.

The team of Wycliffe missionaries in Peru have completed Scripture translation goals in 39 language programs with another 17 targeted in the next several years.

Our Part

My specialty is in the area of information technology.